Thursday, March 26, 2009

Strange timing

If I believed in astrology I'd totally think that the stars were aligning in some sort of crazy way. Immediately after MissCrazy is no longer a presence in my life, I find myself randomly reconnecting with, no joke, about six other women in my life that I'd lost touch with. Most of them were friends, one was a girl I used to hook up with who will randomly be in LA this weekend, and one was even my date to my senior Prom.

Also, while I was cycling through my facebook inbox to see an old message from my former hook up buddy I noticed that the messages from MissCrazy were back. It would seem that she's decided to unblock me from seeing her profile and twitter feed even though we're not still friends, probably in the hope that I'll check it out and see the mean things she and her friends are saying to each other about me. Really, I don't care. She can say what she wants just so long as she doesn't come around in a week wanting to get back together. I've seen the on again/off again couples before, and they're always miserable with each other and none of their friends want to be a part of the drama. I never want to be that guy again.

UPDATE: Just now another old friend told me that she was driving down from San Francisco on a whim. This is just eerie.

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