Thursday, March 12, 2009

An hour to go before lunch, and I'm hungry

The hour before lunch always goes slower than the rest during the day. The hour between 9 and 10 when the day is just starting and I should have time to read Variety and Hollywood reporter? That hour flies by.

I'm especially dependent on my lunch hours since I skip breakfast pretty much every day. Maybe I should just buy a box of cereal and stop doing that. And especially if I didn't have a big dinner the night before I can be REALLY hungry. A sandwich really shouldn't be enough to sustain you for a whole day, but I make do.

Lunch is also necessary for mental health for me. I almost never get to take a full hour off. A lot of the time I have to get something to go and come right back to my desk, or even order in. But on days when I'm allowed 30-40 minutes to go and eat my sandwich in peace, it really helps.

I've taken to bringing a personal book in my bag with me when I go eat. When my book club is reading something it's sometimes the only time I have to get through it. Since our book for this month was WATCHMEN, and the time between meetings was increased to six weeks from a month, I have a lot more time to read what I like this month. Instead of catching up on an older book club book, I'm re-reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Those are really great books, and they help inspire my own writing because they give you this amazing sense that everything is connected and the fantastic really is possible.

So thanks Stephen King, your books about an insane world help me stay sane in this one.

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