Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Got Dragooned

Some people from my spec pilot writing group are having a showcase for some of their writing tonight where they bring in actors and do a staged reading of some of their stuff. I was asked to help with it, even though I was never told about it in advance (I could have submitted some of my own writing to it, but oh well), and there was an assumption that I was going to help, they just needed to figure out how.

So I'm going tonight, and I don't mind too much, but I am kinda annoyed that they assumed I could do it just because I'm one of the youngest people in the group. Since I work as an assistant I have really long hours that I have no control over, leaving me barely any time to write as it is. Really, they should have gone to some of these people who somehow don't have day jobs and get them to do it. If I had the kind of free time they do I'd have written volumes more than I have in the past few years.

Hopefully there will at least be some good networking to be had at it. The more people I meet that could help me get a writer's room assistant job the faster I'll be able to leave my current one which is still driving me crazy.

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