Friday, March 6, 2009

Really engergized

I had to drive my boss's car to Santa Monica to get it serviced today. Since I knew I'd be gone most of the day and might not get lunch on time I got myself a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich around 10, even though I usually skip breakfast.

It was a really nice and sunny day as I was driving across LA, which also makes me perk up a bit. There's still enough New Englander in me that I still consider sunny warm days a novelty even though I live in LA and it's the norm.

Then the Audi waiting room had free very good, very strong coffee. I had two cups while reading the Dark Tower, which is much nicer than reading a bad script/novel at work while tensely drinking coffee and hoping I don't get yelled at for anything. I hadn't been drinking coffee all week, and I was surprised how energized I felt from it.

I got back to the office, had a late lunch, and now it's 4:30pm and I'm still a little wired and peppy.

I think it's just the combination of actually eating breakfast, sunshine, coffee, no bosses in the office today, and Watchmen tonight that leaves me in a very good place. Usually on Friday's I'm just drained from the week and can't wait to go home and crash on my couch watching DVD's, and I plan on sleeping in on Saturday as the highlight of the weekend.

Instead, Watchmen tonight followed by a party, followed by Disneyland on Sunday. Plus we have the Daylight Savings spring forward this weekend, which means it'll stay sunny much later, which I love. It should be a great weekend.

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